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Keeping Your Human Connection Intact

For companies with a large workforce who are dissatisfied with HR data currently offered by Human Capital Management tools like Workday, our service is HR analytics that provides a solution to high turnover rate. Unlike Workday who complicate employee data extraction, we have HR Analytics frameworks that easily extract data out of Workday, and place it in the customers’ own data warehouse.

The disconnect

Why is there a disconnect between HR and Workforce

There can be a disconnect between the HR and the workforce. More times than we think, the HR department is disconnected from hundreds of departments, what goes on in there, why employees stay, why they leave, and why they come back. All of this data is hidden inside a Human Capital Management tool, which is often Workday.

turnover rate

Solving the turnover rate problem

There is a huge turnover rate in companies nowadays, and in order to find out why its there, you need to extract data out of Workday. It is not easy to get all the employee data out of Workday and view it. You can view may be one employee at a time. You can export CSVs and JSON with bulk data and upload them. But the whole process is usually cumbersome for HR departments.


Easily accessible employee data

We provide the ability to use the company’s own tools to transfer the data to their own data warehouse. Furthermore, we provide consulting services on how to model the data, and how to support the process going forward. We listen to our clients’ needs, and personally customize the solution for them, because we believe in human connection. Employee data should be easily accessible for HR, and we can streamline the whole process of getting data from Workday, all the way to a company data warehouse where the HR Analytics team can easily use it.

turnover rate

Why does it matter

What we’re trying to solve is important, because 1 in 5 Americans leave their job due to toxic work environment. Others leave for better offers when the company could actually afford to keep them. With the pandemic resulting in “great resignation”, “quite quitting”, and “anti-work” movements, it is all about being proactive and having that human connection with your team members. With larger corporations, data analytics is the key to having that human connection.


What others are saying

Reaction from our clients has been ecstatic. We just implemented an employee data framework solution for one of our clients who do recycle management with their 40,000 strong team, and they couldn’t be happier. Which make us happy, because we strive to make the human connection intact.